The future of our World, threatened by increasing population, decreasing resources and unbalanced apportion of resources. In our day, one person out of seven goes to bed with an empty stomach. Mankind must provide gracious plenty of food and nutrient. Genta invests R&D operations while introducing deliberate, innovative methods to producers, in order to satisfy the need for food with balanced usage of resources.

Team Genta believes in nature compatible, life-affirming, result-oriented and continuous development. Genta’s new generation takes education in parallel with this belief, for producers to achieve more qualified products. Our goal is to provide healthy and balanced development for agricultural production for our country and to hammer away at building our future.

50 years ago, producing so ever, was the hardest and the most important task. When the production got easier and demand got increased thereafter, marketing became more important than production. As for nowadays, only the products which are supported by a strong R&D operation can make a difference with their innovative attributes, technological superiorities and market compatibilities.