Breeding research is the key feature for pioneer seed companies around the globe. Driven by the aim for providing healthy and delicious vegetable varieties to consumers and introducing profitable products to growers and merchants, GENTA is in possession for highly advanced breeding programs.

Efficient and Yielding Breeding Operations of GENTA!

Genta’s R&D Station is located in Gaziler Village, Antalya, Turkey. By year of 2014, Genta R&D Station holds 75 da area in total with 30 da for plastic greenhouse, 5 da for glass greenhouse and 1.5 da for 10 section of extra protective, heat controlled glass greenhouse for application of biotechnological methods. In addition to these, GENTA’s station includes administration building, laboratories, seed lavation/desiccation building, storages and worker/keeper houses.

Genta R&D Station collaborates TUBITAK, other Universities and R&D foundations, in order to breed seed varieties which satisfies specialized grower conditions and market demands while yielding in every condition.

Breeding for the Future!

As Genta, we are pursuing complete classical methods in breeding operations. However we are aware of the fact that without biotechnological methods, being successful is not possible in agriculture sector. In this respect, our company combines knowledge, experience and high-tech while breeding for the future.

The essential biotechnological methods that we have been using for breeding are;

  • “Molecular Diagnosis” which determines plant attributes by its genome.
  • “Plant Tissue Culture” which allows us to produce and reproduce plants in in vitro.
  • “Patology” which determines the attributes for resistances against diseases.
  • “Transgenesis” which allows gene transfer.

As GENTA, not a single product of ours includes GMO. There is also none of our ongoing researches are related to GMO. We benefit upon all the biotechnological methods except Transgenesis. All the lines that we use are chosen among to the successful results of marker analysis and pathological disease tests. By dint of Plant Tissue Culture, we can decrease 6 years of work that use classical methods into 2 years. It follows from this that, Genta branded seeds are a result of neat, careful and special effort.