As Genta we were established in 1989 with hundred percent Turkish funding. Since then we are working to assist the growers by working on three main activity which are seeds, fertilizers and hobby gardening. İn our work we produce prolific, profitable and sustainable products using high technology and an expert team.

Integrated Solutions for the Growers

We only have one rule to put a product to the market: İt must answer the need of the grower. The prior condition of agricultural production is seeds. As GENTA we produce high quality seeds which are prolific and profitable for agricultural production. Our vegetable and field crops seeds are developed by considering local conditions and the growers’ demands and needs. That is why Genta branded seeds have high adaptation capacities, high yield potential and are healthy.

We offer high technology specific fertilizers to permit an increase of production quantity and quality as well as market value for the growers. We care about growing conditions and produce specialized formulas for all types of crops including field crops, vegetables and fruit trees. Products we put on the market with the Genta and Greenway brand are creating value and are the keys for a healthy and prosperous production.

We also know that agriculture is not only reserved for professionals. That’s why we accompany hobby gardeners that want to create their own green space and experience agricultural production on urban areas. With our hobby gardening activity we are present on the biggest DIY stores all around Turkey.