The founding partners of Genta break into the agriculture sector and founded Anadolu Tohum Company following the allowance of importation and distribution of seeds by the Turkish Agriculture Ministry.

Anadolu Tohum Company became partners with the world’s oldest seed company: Vilmorin. This partnership with a global foreign company holding minority shares in a Turkish company was a first in Turkey.

%100 Turkish funded company Genta was created to support the seed trade of Anadolu Tohum by answering the other needs of growers. The company first began its activity by importing and distributing drip irrigation tubes and materials as well as innovative irrigation systems in Turkey.

At that time Plant Growth Developer usage was in a chaotic situation in Turkey. In this situation Genta became the first Turkish company who imported sanity tested products with an open formula and got it registered. A year after, in 1991, Genta started to produce them in Turkey. İn the years to come Genta with its development team created and produced new formulas of Plant Growth Developer and is now the leading producer of agricultural usage PGD’s in Turkey.

Genta started to work with Spanish companies and began its activity of fertilizers. İn the beginning the company distributed humic acids with the brand of Biosoil and promoted the usage of the humic acids in greenhouse productions. Afterwards Genta made series of specific fertilizers using natural fulvate as chelating agent.

After the 94 crisis both of the companies had a decrease in the number of Turkish partners and a change of structure. These changes pushed Genta to reorganize its activities and concentrate its focus on Plant Growth Developers, Fertilizers and Seeds.

With the sprout of DIY stores in Turkey, Genta started to produce and distribute Hobby Gardening products. 2 brands were used: Genta and Greenway, and today they became the leading brands on this market.

The headquarters and also the production, packaging and storing units got moved and gathered together in Pendik İstanbul.

Genta began to register grass seed varieties for hobby gardening and began to work on field crop seeds.

Investments began for vegetable seeds research in Antalya.

The Turkish partner of Anadolu Tohum sold his majority sharehold to the French company Vilmorin. Genta increased its investments for fertilizers and seed production.

Genta began to increase its focus on organic and organomineral fertilizers.

Genta’s research center in Antalya started to operate.

Research and breeding was launched for Maize and Sunflower.

Genta began to export fertilizers and seed varieties to neighboring countries.

Genta’s partners’ and board members’ rising generation started to work in the company.

Avrasya Tohum Islah which translates in Avrasya Plant Breeding Company was created in partnership of Akdeniz Tohum and started its work solely on field crop research.